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Your child will be given a range of sounds and sight words at a time. After assessment of fluency at school, if your child knows the sounds and sight words in order and in different contexts they will be given the next set.


It is really important that you continuously revise sounds and tricky words already learnt with your child, so they don’t forget them. You need to practice them out of order, perhaps write them out yourself on bigger pieces of paper, keep them on the fridge or look for them in the world around them.


TRICKY WORDS, please learn these as whole words: DO NOT SOUND THEM OUT, as many of them can not be split up to make sense. HIGH FREQUENCY WORDS, These words occur so frequently that we want children to just know them immediately on sight, as this really speeds up their reading. Remember, if your child is struggling with a sound or word you can help by using the method we use in school.

‘My turn, - you say the sound/word.

‘Together’ – you both say the sound/word.

‘Your turn’ – your child says the sound /word.

Encourage your child to look for their sounds /sight words in a variety of places, e.g. cereal packets, comics, signs, as well as their reading and library books.



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