Paper copies of any of the Policies will be made available on request


General Polices

 EPM Disciplinary Rules for all Employees

 EPM Grievance Procedure

 EPM Pay Policy


 Appeal Timetable

 Accessibility Plan/Policy

 Adoption Policy

 Anti-Bullying Policy

 Anti-Slavery / Human Trafficking Statement

 Appraisal & Capability Policy

 Application for Leave of Absence

 Bad Weather Arrangements

 Behaviour Policy

 British Values Policy

 Charging Remission Policy

 Complaints Leaflet

 e-Safety Policy

 Educational Visit Policy

 Equality and Diversity Policy

 Governors Charges / Expenses

 Health and Safety Policy

 Lettings Policy

 PE Funding 2015-16

 Privacy Notice Pupils

 Probation Procedure - Support Staff

 Public Sector Equality Duty Report

 Recruitment Selection Policy and Procedures

 Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy Oct 19

 School Medicines Policy

 SEN Policy

 Shared Parental Leave Policy (Adoption)

 Shared Parental Leave Policy (Births)

 Sickness Absence Policy

 Sex, Relationships Education Policy

 Staff Governors and Volunteers Code of Conduct

 Subject Access Request Guidance and Form

Trust Polices

Complaints Policy

Data Protection Policy

Records Retention Policy

Use of Images Policy

Exclusion Policy (ALT)

Freedom of Information (ALT)

Subject Access Request Policy


Maths Calculations

 Calculation Policy

A Guide to Writing

 A Parents Guide to VCOPS - Red

 A Parents Guide to VCOPS - Orange

 A Parents Guide to VCOPS - Yellow

 A Parents Guide to VCOPS - Green

 A Parents Guide to VCOPS - Blue

 A Parents Guide to VCOPS - Indigo

 A Parents Guide to VCOPS - Violet