Bad Weather

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Bad Weather Arrangements


Unfortunately it is sometimes necessary to close the School because of severe weather problems or other emergencies.  Burrowmoor School will only be closed as a last resort, and the times when this actually happens are rare.


Before deciding upon closure the following considerations are made:-


  • Are access roads safe?
  • Are there on site hazards?
  • Will there be enough staff to supervise?
  • Can a reasonable temperature be maintained?
  • Are toilet facilities and water operational?


Guidelines we follow:-

  • Should it be necessary to close the school during the day we will telephone or text parents/carers.
  • If we are unable to contact parents we will keep the child at school until normal time.
  • If there are serious weather problems – floods, storms or snow, the Head Teacher will inform Cambridgeshire County Council and the local radio stations of the decision.
  • Parents are advised to listen to local radio stations – BBC Radio Cambridgeshire and Heart FM, where updated lists of schools closing will be read at regular intervals.  We will also issue a statement on the school website