4 January 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

I am sure that many of you will have listened to Boris Johnson's announcement tonight about a complete national lockdown from tomorrow- again an announcement with a very short time for us to let you know and to get things organised. 


This means that school will be closed for all children from tomorrow. 


Our priority remains to keep everyone safe and healthy. 


Under the new regulations we are allowed to have vulnerable children in school and those who have both parents / carers who are critical workers. We have already sent out details via email about our vulnerable children; we will contact parents of those children to sort out arrangements. We have already started organising our critical worker bubbles for Nursery and Year 6 and so these will start on Wednesday 6th January. We have asked you to fill in an electronic survey if you think your child is eligible for a critical worker place. We will look at these tomorrow and send out offers of places for eligible Nursery and Year 6 children tomorrow ready to start on Wednesday. 


For all other Year groups ie. Reception and years 1-5, please fill in the survey by Wednesday 6th at 11am and we will then send out offers of places to eligible pupils ready for them to start on Thursday 7th. Please remember that the criteria for critical workers have changed this time and both parents must be critical workers, not just one in order that children can apply for a place. Please see the gov.Uk website for very specific details about who are classed as critical workers. 


All children will be expected to complete the online learning which will be provided via teams by your child's year group teachers. Many of these lessons will be live taught sessions so as to be as close to real lessons in school as possible. Some will be recorded lessons and some will be resources to use for learning activities. It is a requirement that all children complete this learning. You should now all have your Teams log-ins set up as this was a requirement by October half term so that we would all be ready for this situation. If you have not yet accessed this please contact the office via email urgently to get the details and log-in information.


Yet again another raft of changes for us all to cope with very quickly, however I want to reassure you all that we will do everything to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone.


There will be further details for the vulnerable children and critical worker bubbles sent once we have finalised details such as timings, entrances, staffing etc

Kindest regards


Diane Hawkes