25 September 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,


What a change we have seen in the weather this morning; winter is certainly on its way! Please make sure that children have their coats with them now as they will be outside for 40 minutes at lunchtime.


Our "Covid" procedures continue to be working well and are even becoming second nature now to staff and children. 


We have had a good take up from parents so far for the amazing free breakfast scheme that we have signed up for. The scheme will provide all families with breakfast items for a two-week period at a time and then supply again for the next two weeks - you just need to email the office with your children's names, ages and classes - and that's it! 


Please remember that there are parking restrictions outside of school on both sides. This prevents any parking on the zig-zag lines and no parking between 8.30am and 9.30am and then 3.00pm - 4.00pm on the single yellow line. The police have contacted us to ask us to remind everyone about this as they will be patrolling and giving out tickets for any illegally parked vehicles.


An important part of our school curriculum is teaching children about Healthy Living, Healthy Lifestyles and includes Healthy Eating. We teach children about eating a balanced diet which can, of course, include some occasional treats. All school catering companies, including Caterlink who supply our meals, have strict guidelines that they must follow. Most importantly they restrict the amounts of sugar, salt and fats that are allowed in their meals. The catering companies have devised cunning recipes for items such as cakes and biscuits that do not contain added sugar for example, so that children still feel they are having a "nice" dessert but it is healthy. The Government have produced a useful leaflet for parents and carers to give ideas for preparing a healthy packed lunch as it is often quite difficult to come up with ideas that children will like. This is a sample page from the attached leaflet. The leaflet will also be on our website in the Parents section.