18 September 2020

Dear Parents / Carers,

Thank you for your continued support this week; our systems and procedures seem to be really flowing
well now and everyone knows where they should be and when - including me most of the time!

A reminder about the path at the front of school; although the situation is far better, congestion wise, now
that everyone is staggering their arrival times, the path is quite narrow and we have had a couple of
occasions when children have walked on the road to get past adults who are waiting. If we can just be
mindful please and give children priority by moving aside where possible then this would be much safer.

Thank you.

We have been alerted to a couple of online nasties already - there was the awful video circulating on
TikTok that we warned you about and then yesterday we were told about social media posts claiming that
"people" (maybe NHS) would be coming into school and injecting children without parental consent. I just
wanted to reassure everyone that this would never happen and this post was scaremongering fake news.

We have to get your permission at some point for virtually everything we do with children apart from
normal curriculum teaching. The NHS do come into school to administer the flu vaccine to children but this
is firstly communicated to parents and carers and then you have to send in a signed permission slip before
the NHS will carry this out. Parents have the right to refuse this and this must be strictly abided by. This
vaccine is administered via a nasal spray and not an injection. Hopefully we won't get too many more
examples of these fake news stories but if you are ever worried please contact us immediately; we really
don't mind.