7 September 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome back to the new school year! Thank you to you all for getting your children back to school this morning; it has been absolutely fantastic to welcome them all back in school today after such a long time for the majority of them! They all settled really quickly into their new classes and seemed genuinely pleased to be back with their friends and the staff. Our staggered lunch time and play times worked well and the children responded brilliantly to the new systems. Inevitably, we will constantly need to make tweaks and changes to improve our provision, which we will review on a daily basis to begin with until everything settles down.

In order to make the arrangements for entering the building in the mornings more efficient we would like to make the following changes please:


  • Our two Year 3 classes will now come in and exit through separate doors: Tiger Class will use the same door as they used this morning and Lion Class will use the other door into the library on the other side of the library – staff will be there to show you. This will mean that Year 3 will get into the building more quickly and reduce the number of people waiting near their doors
  • Our two Year 4 classes will also use separate entrances and exits. Puma class will continue to use the door they used this morning which leads into the corridor by the Year 4 pegs. Panther Class will now use the door into the library (the same door that Tiger Class use but as there is a 30 minute time difference between the two bubbles this will work. This will mean that Year 4 will get into the building more quickly and reduce the number of people waiting near their doors

Lion Class and Panther class have been shown their new doors today and will exit from them this afternoon. Staff will be there to show parents.

There are also two things that we would ask of adults who are dropping off and picking up:

1) Please limit the people dropping off and picking up to one to minimize the number of people waiting outside the building
2) Please arrive to drop off during the 15 minute slot that your child’s bubble has to enter the building. If your child’s bubble can enter from 9.00am for example then please arrive between 9am and 9.15am and not before. This morning lots of people were outside very early which meant there were too many people waiting, which we had not anticipated.

We know that this is a complete change for everyone but if we keep the arrival times more staggered then it will ease the congestion outside, be safer for everyone and also mean that it is easier for people to keep socially distanced. If you are waiting to drop off a second child then perhaps you could safely cross back over to the other side of Burrowmoor Road and wait on the other side until your second drop off time slot.

When we organized the drop-off times, we tried to keep the shortest time possible between the first and last bubbles so that adults waiting had the shortest possible wait. We really do not want to lengthen the time between bubbles so by arriving in your 15 minute slot and not before will help the congestion.
Please remember to keep all children with you until they go into the building.

We will ensure that we always keep up-to-date with any new guidance and directives that are issued from the Government during the continued Covid 19 pandemic. We look forward to a time when we can welcome all adults back on site and not have all of these different timings but until then we thank you for your anticipated support and co-operation with our current arrangements.

Kindest regards

Diane Hawkes & The Burrowmoor Team