11 May 2020

Hello, lots of books are being read every week and I am often being asked where parents can find more books that children can read and take AR quizzes with. Don’t forget that during the school lock down period, Renaissance Place (the company that runs the Accelerated Reader quizzing software) have given free access to their on line book service “myOn”.

There are over 7,000 books and articles on this site but not all of them have quizzes, so to find ones that have a quiz:

  1. First, go to https://www.arbookfind.co.uk/usertype.aspx?

Select Student or Parent

Click on Advanced Search

Click on Additional Criteria All Topics and select myOn Books

This will then bring up a list of all the books on the myOn site with AR quizzes (you can also use the Quick Search to look up any books that you already have at home, just enter the book title!)

Once you have found a book:

  1. Go to https://readon.myon.co.uk/

Click on the orange Start Reading button.

Click on Search

Enter the book title

Click on the green Read button


3. When your child wants to take a quiz; open up another internet tab to then access the AR quiz screen (that way, you can still look at the book on the myOn site to help answer the quiz questions!) https://ukhosted1.renlearn.co.uk/2030762/

 Happy Reading from Mrs Whyte and the Burrowmoor Team