22 May 2017

To: Parents and Carers of Pupils at

Burrowmoor Primary School                                                                     22nd May 2017



Dear Parent/Carer


Senior Leadership at Burrowmoor Primary School.


We wanted to write to you to provide you with an update on changes being made in the senior leadership at Burrowmoor from September.

Mrs Dobbs has decided to move on from her role as Headteacher as of Friday 19 May.  Susan wishes the staff, parents and carers, pupils and governors at Burrowmoor School very best wishes and thanks the Active Learning Trust for the wonderful opportunity to work with our children and to be part of the journey as the school strives forward towards excellence.  She is very proud to have been able to share that, and to witness first- hand the fantastic progress that the school is making.  Susan is now moving on for professional and family reasons and wishes the new leadership team every success in the future.

After some consideration, we have concluded this is a good time to make some changes in how the senior leadership arrangements can best support pupils and secure the ongoing progress that we all aspire to for the school.  Firstly, the role of Headteacher will remain (and is being advertised) but will now become part of a March senior leadership team led by Jason Wing.


Jason, whom we know many of you will know from his previous position working with the school over the last couple of years, has agreed to our request to resume the role of Executive Principal as part of a continuity of oversight to support learning in our schools in March and the surrounding area.  As you know Ofsted reported favourably on Jason’s past leadership involvement with Burrowmoor in a recent inspection, and the fact that Jason has a leadership role already in the Trust gives us an ideal opportunity to maximise the potential of his role and his ongoing knowledge and care for Burrowmoor.


From September, to ensure we have consistency in the leadership team, we are pleased to advise that Ms Jackson will take on a head of school role, pending the appointment of the long term headteacher for the school.  In addition, we are delighted to advise that we have been able to attract two exceptional Assistant Headteachers to join Ms Aziz the current successful Assistant Headteacher and together they will be the senior team which will work to the new Headteacher.  These colleagues, Mr. Rausch from Lancaster and Ms Williat from Wisbech will provide additional capacity to the school as it prepares for its next inspection.  I am sure you will join me in both wishing Mrs Dobbs well for the future, and the whole team at Burrowmoor successful times ahead for 2017/18 and beyond.


We hope to arrange a meeting for parents and carers very early in September 2017 to introduce the new team and we will provide a further update on the selection of the next headteacher for this great school before the end of this academic year.


Yours sincerely




Gary Peile                                                  Revd. Andrew Smith

Chief Executive                                         Chair of Governors

The Active Learning Trust                          Burrowmoor Primary School