Active Learning Trust Visit

16 May 2017

Dear  Parents/Carers

I would just like to inform you about the  tremendous effort  made by our staff and pupils  yesterday when the Trust visited the school.

We have had some feedback from Anne McCormick and Joy Parke from the Trust  and will be getting an official report soon.

It was a pleasure to visit  classrooms and to see the huge progress that the school is making and they would like to thank the school on their behalf.

Feedback Comments include-

  • Excellent engagement of all of the pupils in learning
  • -Assembly-evident tolerance and respect for all and evidence of Aiming for Excellence
  • -Real sense of purpose across the school, excellent atmosphere and learning environment
  • -TAs effectively deployed and supporting learning
  • -High quality learning walls
  • -Seasonal displays
  • -good provision for boys’ learning
  • -High expectations of behaviour
  • The full report will be available soon and this will also include constructive comments as to how to further help the school move forward.
  • The report is extremely positive.


Over the last year, it has been acknowledged that the school is making great strides forward and we look forward to continuing to work with you to provide the best possible education for your children.

Thank you again to all parents/carers  staff and pupils for this and a personal thank you from me for continuing to support the school on the journey to excellence.


Ms S Dobbs, MA.Ed

Head Teacher,