Christmas Hamper Raffle

10 November 2015

We are raising funds to pay for the cost of the Year 6 Leavers Book. Last year we carried out a Christmas Hamper Raffle which was really successful and with this in mind we would like to continue with this tradition.

If each child brings in an item approximately £1.00 in value, we could potentially have 16 hampers, each worth £30.00.

Each year has been allocated a colour for their hamper. Please could your child bring their item into class as soon as possible, or by Friday 4th December at the latest.

The colours are as follows:-

Year 6 - Red              Year 5 - Green           Year 4 - Orange

Year 3 - Blue/Purple  Year 2 - Black/Brown  Year 1 - Yellow/Gold

Reception - White      Nursery - Silver/Grey

The Raffle tickets will be available from 7th December and the hampers will be displayed in the Reception area as last year.

We look forward to receiving your hamper items. Thank you for your continued support.