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Welcome back to the Home Learning area of our website, we hope that you will continue to find it easy to navigate and that it will provide you with the necessary tools to keep your children engaged with learning as much as is possible during these ongoing difficult times.

As you know, in each Year group area, you will find lessons for English, Maths, Phonics (where relevant) and all other Curriculum subjects. The lessons/activities are planned for your child's year group specifically, but we expect you to go at your pace and differentiate where you feel the need. The most important thing to remember is that these are your children, that we are all trying our best and that this is designed to try and make your lives easier, not harder!

During this final half term of the year, we are making some slight changes to the Home Learning area, as we begin to open our school more widely to some year groups.

In order to continue to support the children both in school and at home, we will be teaching the same lessons to all children, wherever their learning is taking place! So, the Maths and English morning lessons will remain the same every day and there will still be lessons planned by your child’s teacher for the afternoons – with the exception of Wednesdays.

From Monday 1st June, there will be no lessons planned for the afternoon session on Wednesday.

In addition to this, if your child is in Reception or Year 1, there will be no Phonics teach on Wednesdays either, but there will be information sign posting you to fun online games and activities!

We would like you to use this one afternoon each week as an opportunity for PE or Outdoor Games, fun activities– or just to have a brain break! You have all been working so hard and we know that, so we are giving you an afternoon to carry out activities based around your own interests. Don’t forget, we’d still like to see what you are up to, so please send in your photos and messages :-)

Remember that on each Year group page there are email addresses for each class. These are here for you to email in to your child's teacher if you have any queries about the tasks set and/or your child's engagement with them. Class teachers will respond to you, but please give them time to do this. Teachers will be available between the hours of 9 am and 3.30 pm and will check their emails periodically during that time, they will respond to you about work and lessons in a timely fashion. From June 1st, all teachers (except those in the vulnerable groups) will be back in school and so will not have as much opportunity to email – so please bear with us – we are still here for you!

So, only a small change going forward, feedback that we have received about the online learning has been positive and we hope that we can continue to work together in this way until such time as we can all be together again in school.

Thanks for your ongoing support.

The Burrowmoor Team.

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