At Burrowmoor, we encourage our children to have a curiosity to discover more about different religions and worldwide views. We recognise that R.E. is essential in the understanding of beliefs (both religious and secular), the values and traditions of individuals, whole communities and cultures.


Our R.E. curriculum is taught through an enquiry process. Each unit of work focuses on four key areas of the Agreed Syllabus. These are; way of life, God/deity, holy book/sacred text and place of worship. Each class will study another faith in addition to their focus on Christianity. Our curriculum enables pupils to develop an appreciation and respect for all faiths ad their associated beliefs, as well as opportunities to reflect on their own beliefs.


By the end of their time at Burrowmoor, our children will be able to hold a balanced and well-informed conversation about religion and belief. They will have a clear understanding of the diversities of the world in which they live and the different faiths that they will meet throughout their lives.


The R.E. curriculum is enhanced through visitors and visits. These experiences play a vital role in providing pupils with opportunities to meet with members of the wider community. They also give our children access to first hand experiences of other faiths, different places of worship and deepens their overall understanding of people with different faiths.


R.E. Policy

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