At Burrowmoor, we teach Spanish in Key Stage 2 with the aim that all children develop their communication skills in a different language, learn about and respect different cultures and understand that languages and awareness of the wider world will broaden their horizons, both now and in the future.


Spanish is taught weekly using ‘Language Angels’ as a scheme of work. Lessons build on knowledge gained over time, using games, songs and fun activities, with an emphasis on repetition to ensure that the learning is reinforced and consolidated.


Children leave Burrowmoor able to communicate effectively and confidently in a new language; children are curious about learning foreign languages; have an awareness of other cultures in relation to their own and know that language acquisition is within their grasp and a valuable tool to open doors for them as Global Citizens.


Children are introduced to various Spanish ‘friends’ throughout the sequence of lessons, to familiarise themselves with the reality of Spanish culture. Native speakers are used to provide excellent models of pronunciation, and these are emulated in class when children are encouraged and expected to take part in conversations with their peers. A themed Spanish day is planned every year on October 12th to celebrate the ‘Dia de la Hispanidad’ and we promote links in other subjects to enhance the importance of Spanish throughout the school. We have a connection with the Modern Languages Department at Neale Wade to enable children to see the value of learning a language as they move through their school career.


Languages Policy