At Burrowmoor Primary School, we recognise the importance and impact that art and design have on a child's development. It not only allows them to develop their fine motor skills but also allows them to immerse themselves in different cultures and traditions. Through art children are able to experiment and express their emotions, opinions and beliefs. 



We encourage children to broaden their knowledge of art through the study of prominent artists around the world. This helps to add to their social and cultural capital, opening their eyes to the world around them. 


As they travel through the school children will experience and develop skills in different media types such as drawing, painting, print, collage and sculpture. Children are taught and encouraged to have an appreciation of art using visual language to develop and express their ideas about different types of art. 



Children will leave Burrowmoor Primary School with a wide knowledge of artists, art movements and styles. They will be able to express clearly their opinions on different pieces and be able to use technical vocabulary to reinforce their opinions. They will be confident in how to assess which skills will be needed for different mediums of art and how they should apply those skills. Children will have confidence in their ability to create individual designs and understand that all art has value. They will have a deeper understanding of the how art sits within different time periods and cultures. 



We link our art modules to either our wider curriculum enabling us to help broaden our children's understanding of the humanities. Children will draw inspiration from works by a variety of artist as well as using the local area and school grounds. Where possible, children will have the opportunity to visit art museums and exhibitions.


Art and Design Policy

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