We shine at Burrowmoor because...

We shine at Burrowmoor because.........

Burrowmoor School supports children to develop outstanding behaviour for learning in order for them to achieve the highest standards of education at Primary School and beyond by becoming Burrowmoor STARS.

Burrowmoor STARS are:

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Ask questions

Always ready to learn

Always have PE and other kit for lessons

Reading book is in school every day

Perserve, especially when things are difficult

Set personal challenges

Work independently to meet targets

Identify next steps in learning

Ignore distractions

Solve and resolve difficulties

Reliable team member of the class, house and school.

Support the learning of others

Recognise and celebrate difference in each other

Encourage others

Aware of own and each others strengths

Contribute skills and strengths to a team

Celebrate achievements

Enthusiastic in everything

Offer something in every lesson

Extend learning in every lesson

Engage in learning with all staff in every lesson

Attend school every day

Achieve our best

Respect all others and ourselves

Respect personal property

Always wear correct school uniform

Take opportunities to be responsible around school

Apologise and make amends for mistakes

Always punctual

Have good manners

Communicate effectively in a variety of ways to a variety of audiences

Manage behaviour particularly in times of difficulty

Identify bullying and take steps to prevent it

Identify risk.

Resolve risk appropriately, seeking support when necessary

Know how to keep safe at school, home and on-line

Advise others on keeping safe



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