School Meals

From September the price of a school meal will be £2.25 per day. Please remember that ALL school meals should be booked in advance on the

ParentPay School Meal Booking System, including any children entitled to Universal Free School Meals or Free School Meals.


Also, from September we will be introducing an admin fee on ParentPay, which will be charged for any non-booked meals,

for any late payments of meals or other items and non-payment of any items.


Dinner Choices

The Red Option


  • Choose main option (see the choices on the menu)
  • Add vegetable/s or side salad
  • Add an additional piece of fruit (apple*, banana*, pears, grapes, raisins*, sultanas*, apricots, chopped melon, pineapple)
  • Add a dessert from the day’s selection* 

The Green Option

Salad Bar

  • Choose Roll, French stick or wraps 
  • Then Choose Plain pasta*, Tuna pasta*, rice, couscous or new potatoes 
  • Then select Ham*, cheese*, fish or egg 
  • Add a section of (as many as you would like) Lettuce*, tomatoes*, cucumber*, sweetcorn*, gherkins*, pickle onions*, beetroot*, pineapple*, coleslaw*, raisins* 
  • Add a piece of fruit and a dessert from the day’s selection* 

The Blue Option

Pick and Mix - Collect your sandwich (ham* or cheese* or sandwich of the day*)

  • Then add Fruit and Vegetables – take at least one or as many as you can eat.
  • Whole fruit – apples*, banana*, pears, grapes,
  • Chopped fruit - melon, pineapple, banana, apple
  • Dried fruit – raisins*, sultanas*, apricots
  • Veg sticks – carrot sticks*, cucumber*,
  • Add a milkshake*, fromage frais* or glass of milk* if you wish
  • Add a dessert from the day’s selection*


  • Choose from a yogurt*, frozen yogurt/smoothie or dessert for the day* (see menu for the days selection.)


 Booking Sheet

 Packed Lunches