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Remote Learning at Burrowmoor School during Lockdown 3.



As you will now be aware, your child's teacher or TA will send out invitations to the live lessons that are being taught on a daily basis. This will be through Teams, our online learning platform, if you are still having any problems with your login please do contact school (either via the class email or the office) and we will resolve this.  We have distributed Power Maths workbooks for Years 1 - 6 and the teaching from these books will commence Monday 11/1/21, we have also sent out exercise books for all other work.


In terms of lessons, at the very minimum, your children will receive live Maths, English and a Foundation subject every day along with a Reading lesson once a week. Years R and 1 will also have Phonics every day and Nursery will have learning tasks and activities posted in their Teams area. All live lessons will be recorded for you to refer back to, and all set activities will be available online in Teams for your child to complete.


All work that is submitted to school will be marked and feedback given. This may be part of the lesson, it may be given as group feedback or it may be individual.


We know that there may be some initial ‘teething’ problems with Teams, but we would like to thank you very much for your fantastic engagement with the online live lessons that we have been running so far, and for your continued messages of support during these times.


For further details on our Remote Learning Offer please see below.

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