Summer 1 2022

This term we are going to be looking at ‘What is a coastline?’ in Geography. We will be identifying and naming the countries and islands of the UK and the key features of a coastline. We will be investigating the human (man-made) and physical (natural) features of the coast, which will include an exciting trip to the coast! Our English will link to our Geography topic and we are going to start by Week ending: 22.04.22 Burrowmoor News Opening up the world for our children and families. creating our own books based on ‘The Storm whale’, which will give children the opportunity to show off their writing skills that they will be practising over the next couple of weeks.

In Maths we are going to be revising the different strategies to answer questions using all four operations ( + - x ÷) building on our knowledge from both Years 1 and 2. Our Science question this half term is ‘Are pushes and pulls important?’ and we will be investigating forces and friction. Our computing challenge this half term will be to create a PowerPoint slide show on our knowledge of the coast!

We will be continuing to do PE on a Wednesday (Outdoor) where we will be practising our cricket skills of throwing and catching and Friday (Indoor) where we will be working on our fitness ready for sports day.

Spring 2 2022 Update

Year 2s focus this half term will be History and answering the question ‘Is it right to stand up for what you believe in?’ In order to answer this question, we will be looking at three strong, independent and influential women from History who stood up for what they believed in: Florence Nightingale, Rosa Parks and Malala Yousafzai. This will also be supported in our English where these three women will form the key focus of our writing and we will be using them to inspire our letter writing, recounts and poetry.

During Maths this half term, we study 2D and 3D shapes before continuing our journey to master addition. In Science, we will be looking to answer the question ‘Do seeds need soil to grow?’ by studying the structure of plants, how they reproduce and carrying out an experiment using seeds.

In Computing, we will be learning about programming by creating an animated short of Rosa Parks and, during the last week of term, we will be learning about what Christians believe about Jesus in RE.

Our indoor and outdoor PE lessons will continue to be on a Wednesday and Friday.