Jason Wing
Executive HeadTeacher

Toni Jackson
 Head of School

Helen Willatt
Assistant Head of School

Mandy Aziz
Assistant Head/Nursery Teacher


Andrew Smith
Chair of Governors

Rebecca Watson
Year 6 Teacher

Suzanne Thorbinson
Year 6 Teacher

 Laura Walker
Year 5 Teacher

Michelle Barnes
Year 5 Teacher

Sally Watson
Year 5 Teacher

Jo Mills

Sophie Barratt
Year 4 Teacher

Charlotte Norman
Year 4 Teacher

Marie Lucca
Year 3 Teacher

Gemma Angier
Year 3 Teacher

Jan Clark

Emma Boughen
Year 2 Teacher

Laura Wilkinson
Year 2 Teacher

Chloe Broomfield
Year 1 Teacher

Emma Harlow
Year 1 Teacher

Carolyn Davies
Reception Teacher

Helen Fletcher
Reception Teacher

Beth Letts
Music Teacher

Support Staff

Faith Delve
Office Manager

Karen Pritchard
Admin Assistant

Stephanie Brown
Receptionist/H&S Officer

Andrew Shepherd
ICT Technician

Tiggy Whyte
Accelerated Reader Co-ordinator

Zakherah Terzaghi
Catering Manager

Teresa Stiles
OOSC Coordinator

Kerry Abbs
Pre-Nursery Coordinator

Helen Millington
Wraparound Coordinator

Kirsten Lofts
Family Worker

Rebecca Stimson

Laura Jones 

Teaching Assistants

Amanda Lakey

Coral Brown

Tracey Hayes

Jody Stacey

Amanda Bradshaw

Jodie Cooper

Kate Simkins

Sam Goude

Julia Woollard

Eilish Bass

Cathy Hannen

Janet Hunter

Melissa Warby

Sam Jordan

Sarah Bower

Collette Arnold

Rachel Hayes

Tracey Cross

Amanda Wood

Jackie Murphy

Sally Wigginton

Sue Roe

Louise Pearce

Lisa Bevis

Laura Peachey

Teresa Butterworth

Carly Copeman

Catering/Lunchtime Staff

Keran Crowhurst

Louise Woodcock

Janet Erbe

Donna Lofts

Sue Bridgement

Louise Hadlow

Sophie Pearson

Witri Goldspink

Allison Goult

Cleaning Staff

Faye Burrows

Stef Burrows
Assistant Caretaker

Jenny Billimore

Pam Youles

Sue Howes

Carol Goodman